Valley Visionaries Trip Part 2

Many of the VC offices are built around a fabulous old tree. This one is from the courtyard of Lightspeed Venture Partners. We visited with Lightspeed Venture Partners, Greylock, Sutter Hill, Sequoia, and IVP.

In this episode, I focus on some of the portfolio companies I met with.

Companies discussed in this video are:
Blameless -
Epsagon -
Fiddler -

Valley Visionaries trip Part 1

Several times a year, we take CIOs, CTOs, and other key decision makers of large enterprise companies to Silicon Valley to meet with Venture capital firms and Leadership of emerging tech companies, to get a good look at what is happening in the emerging technology space. These trip provide tremendous insight into what is happening in the market and provides a good overview of the trends that are driving investments.

2019 Nutanix .NEXT Conference Customer Chat

I got a chance to sit down with some Nutanix customers at this years Nutanix .NEXT conference to talk about their experiences and their perspectives on the hyper converged market. It is always great to hear from the actual customers about their decision process and the problems they are looking to solve.

2019 Nutanix .NEXT Conference

Nutanix held its annual .NEXT conference this year at the Anaheim Convention Center. Word was that about 7,000 people were in attendance. There is a lot happening in the Hyperconverged Infrastructure space now as the large legacy vendors look to make a place in this market. The growth of HPE, Dell, and Cisco in this space have legitimized the HCI market and brought new interest to the products.

The Gear I Use

I haver been getting a lot of Questions about my setup lately, so I figured I would run over a quick list of things I use to produce these videos.

Quick Update: Sorry I have been absent, I had a series of cascading computer failures that ended up with me swapping out a motherboard and the drive. I am back now with a bunch of pent up content that will be coming shortly.

The CIO Journey

I have spoken in the past about the changing nature of IT. Businesses are increasingly becoming IT organizations. This is being driven by data becoming a strategic asset and driving top-line revenue. As IT moves from being a cost center to a profit center, it also moves from the sole realm of the infrastructure groups to the lines of business. Gartner published a somewhat controversial statistic that CMOs have larger technology budgets than CIOs.

SXSW 2019 Interview with BYGmusic

One of the big themes at SXSW this year was the importance of Influencers, and in particular Micro-Influencers. BygMusic is a company founder by Krish Sharma, a Grammy winner, and Mike Alden. The idea is to source bands with a following and connect them to advertisers who see value in their fan base. This helps the Marketers reach audiences that have been challenging to access and it gives musicians a way to monetize their music.