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A Brief History

Taking the risk out of Emerging Technology.

The last several years has seen an increased focus on supply chain optimization while technical value has disappeared. Talent has fled and organizations struggle to make good decisions. With the rapid pace of technological evolution and the fundamental shift organizations are making to more deeply engage with technology, the need for good information has never been greater. 

There are many roles involved in the technology acquisition process, Architecture, Operations, Finance, Security, Governance, Compliance. All of these people are critical to the process and without coordination between these roles, success becomes hard to achieve. Good, actionable information is core to setting a strategic vision.

We all have to live and work in this world of emerging tech, so that is why FUTRtech is focused on the things that matter most you in the trenches, deploying these technologies, setting the strategic vision and solving the hard problems. Our goal is to help you along the way.