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SXSW Wrap Up

SXSW is the most important technology conference of the year. There, I’ve said it. The problem is, very few people in IT are aware of it, and that is a shame. This is the one show of the year that not only highlights emerging technology but wraps it in context. This conference is also very international with different countries showcasing their unique companies, technologies and talents. We can get so lost in our own small world that we miss new market opportunities and technologies from around the globe.

Project Sherpa looks to Address the Ethical and Human Rights issues of Smart Information Systems

With the rise of Smart Information Systems, ie AI, the challenges of living with the implications of these systems is poorly understood. The quality of the information produced is limited by the design of the systems, the data that is used and the context in which the data lives. Project Sherpa looks to work with industry leaders to establish an advocacy group that seeks to address the most challenging problems.

Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash