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Generation Cloud

There is an old show I loved called Kung Fu, starring David Carradine. In it he plays a Shaolin monk named Caine. He flees China a wanted man to wander America’ old west, and along the way puts the hurt on bad guys picking on the weak.

In one of the flashbacks to his childhood, he sees a somewhat disheveled man collecting shards of broken pottery. He turns to his blind master and asks, “Is he a confused one?” To which his master replies, “Not to understand a man’s purpose does not make HIM confused.”

SXSW Part 1 Activatons

I am trying to catch up on all of the video I have from SXSW. Here is part 1 which focuses on the SXSW scene and “Activations.” For those unfamiliar with the term, “Activation” this is what they call branded experiences that companies put together. They take over businesses, empty buildings, parking lots, and parks. They transform these spaces into all manner of intriguing experiences.

SXSW Wrap Up

SXSW is the most important technology conference of the year. There, I’ve said it. The problem is, very few people in IT are aware of it, and that is a shame. This is the one show of the year that not only highlights emerging technology but wraps it in context. This conference is also very international with different countries showcasing their unique companies, technologies and talents. We can get so lost in our own small world that we miss new market opportunities and technologies from around the globe.

So Much For Drinking The Blood Of The Young, Try Sucking The Marrow From Their Bones

Well, for those of you chasing the fountain of youth by getting transfusions of the blood of the young, the FDA has just shut you down. Ambrosia the clinic that has been topping up the elderly, was shut down by the FDA who labeled it a “dangerous scam.”

But don’t despair! If you are looking to find ways to satisfy your gruesome quest for youth, there is bone marrow. Hannah Osborne over at Newsweek is reporting:

Google Ends Forced Arbitration

Forced arbitration has been a sticking point with me for some time. It is an increasingly common practice in many companies to force their workers to sign binding arbitration agreements.

Companies say that this is to reduce the overwhelming costs of litigation (what the heck are you doing to get sued that much), but the real reason is that it tips things heavily in favor of the company who chooses the arbitrator and manages the process.

Marie Kondo Your Digital House

Over the years, I have searched for good ways to optimize my time. I went down the path of Inbox Zero and OmniFocus. I have eliminated most social media from my diet, but there still seems to be constant interruptions from technology. I am always reminding my kids to limit their screen time, but when I use Apple’s handy new Screentime tool, I am far worse than my kids who seem to be immersed in their screens constantly.

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