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VMWorld 2019: A quick conversation with Abhijit Ghosh, CEO and Founder of Confluera.

Confluera is a newly launched security company that provides real-time attack interception and defense to detect and stop attackers navigating your infrastructure. Confluera is headed by Abhijit Ghosh and is backed by VCs like Lightspeed Venture Partners. Recently Bipul Sinha who is a legendary investor, a founder of Nutanix, CEO of Rubrik among other things came on board to Confluera as co-CEO. This company has attracted investment from the likes of John Thompson, chairman of Microsoft’s board. I was able to catch up with CEO and founder Abhijit Ghosh at VMWorld, and here is that interview.

New Mac Trojan Disguised As EXE File

Trend Micro is reporting on a a Trojan that is disguised as a Windows executable. It is built with the Mono framework built into the file, so it can execute the EXE code. Normally Windows executable files will not run on a mac, so some of the built in safeguards are bypassed by this method of delivery, “This routine evades Gatekeeper because EXE is not checked by this software, bypassing the code signature check and verification since the technology only checks native Mac files.”