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The CIO Journey

I have spoken in the past about the changing nature of IT. Businesses are increasingly becoming IT organizations. This is being driven by data becoming a strategic asset and driving top-line revenue. As IT moves from being a cost center to a profit center, it also moves from the sole realm of the infrastructure groups to the lines of business. Gartner published a somewhat controversial statistic that CMOs have larger technology budgets than CIOs.

SXSW Part 1 Activatons

I am trying to catch up on all of the video I have from SXSW. Here is part 1 which focuses on the SXSW scene and “Activations.” For those unfamiliar with the term, “Activation” this is what they call branded experiences that companies put together. They take over businesses, empty buildings, parking lots, and parks. They transform these spaces into all manner of intriguing experiences.

SXSW 2019: A Talk With Access Partnership

Every time I go to a website these days, I always have to click on that, "I agree to using cookies",” button. It is fairly silly as pretty much every site I have gone to for the last ten years has used cookies. I would be shocked if I got a pop up that said, “this site doesn’t use any cookies at all,” because then I would be wondering, how do they pull that off? This behavior is being driven by attempts to conform to GDPR requirements.